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Vintage Fashion is NOT Old Fashioned

I’ve always been a lover of vintage clothes. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 60’s watching Jackie Kennedy traipsing around the Greek Isles in her Pucci mini dresses and signature sunglasses.


It could have been that my mom was obsessed with black and white films from the 40’s that I watched along side her fascinated by the glamorous suited looks of Joan Crawford and Katherine Hepburn. Perhaps it was because I watched an impeccably and adorably dressed Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy every night after dinner.  Then again, I could blame my sister. She is 14 years older and as small girl, I witnessed her morph from prim and proper [...]

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Home Bars That Are Outfitted for Entertaining

TEXT BY CARRIE HOJNICKI AND MELISSA MINTON * Architectural Digest * Posted May 9, 2016 

Why go out to a bar or lounge when you can bring the party to your place? These home bars—from a sleek hangout at Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills place to an open-air oasis at George Clooney’s Mexican retreat outfitted with the actor’s own brand of Casamigos tequila—offer the perfect setting for gatherings large and small. Whether incorporated into a sitting area, a media room, or a kitchen, or occupying a dedicated space of their own, these bars will inspire you to start staying in more often. The last step is to stock up. Soon your favorite spot for a nightcap will be just [...]

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A Wedding To Remember

Those who are most familiar with me, will tell you that I am never at a loss for words.
Well, when I was tasked with writing a Partini blog on Delenia and Alan’s tiny wedding, I suddenly found myself without the words. What started out as me officiating a civil ceremony in the couple’s backyard evolved into a tiny wedding of such profound magnitude in its meaning and charm that I am rendered speechless.

What could possibly have been so extraordinary about this wedding versus the dozens of others that I have coordinated and planned over the years? Could it have been that officiating with me was my dear [...]

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While statement pieces can make all the difference, they’re not always wallet-friendly. For online purchases, I always used the Honey shopping tool, which saved me hundreds on West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon. For those who aren’t familiar, Honey is a free browser app that applies every promo code on the Internet to your shopping cart (in seconds!). Click here to add it to your toolbar.


In my dreams, I’m a posh interior design connoisseur with unlimited resources. In reality, I’m guilt-ridden every time I splurge on a West Elm throw pillow. With that said, I recently got a new apartment and decided that this time, [...]

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