Celebrate Everything

Nontraditional Holidays That Make Every Day Special

“Until further notice, celebrate everything!” This anonymous quote has struck a chord with people across the globe, and they are taking it to heart. Birthdays, weddings, births, and retirements all bring expected celebrations filled with balloons, gifts, and well-wishes. And of course calendar holidays—Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more—all have their own traditions. But if you’re looking to celebrate outside the box, make note of these nontraditional holidays and get the party started.


Although every birthday is worth celebrating, milestone years such as twenty-five, thirty, forty, and fifty come set with special themes and reasons to celebrate them. But if you’re looking for a new way to celebrate, highlight unusual years like sixty-six with an appropriately themed Route 66 party. Have you heard of the golden birthday? A golden birthday happens the year you turn the age of the day you were born (for example, turning twenty-three years old on September 23). How do you celebrate this special occasion? It’s simple: all gold everything.


Some months are designated to recognize worthy causes or human rights (think breast cancer awareness or black history) while others are just for fun. Consider donating time to an organization that supports the cause of the month or participate in a walk or run. Or, give some love to more playful monthly themes. February is noted as (among other things) National Grapefruit Month. And April has been National Letter Writing Month since 2001.


Over the past few years, oddball holidays have started popping up on social media, and people are quick to post photos or make meals or drinks to celebrate in style. Siblings Day (April 10) and Pet Day (April 11) offer excuses to honor members of your immediate family other than your parents who each have a special day already. Go all out for International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19) or catch up on all those belated birthday greetings with National I Forgot Day (July 2).

If you need an excuse to sip on your favorite drink or nosh on your favorite food, pay special attention to October, which is chock-full of food-and-drink themed days: International Coffee Day (October 1), Taco Day (October 4), and Global Champagne Day (October 21). Are you into astronomy? Then you may or may not appreciate that August 24 is Pluto Demoted Day. You’ll find 12,500 reasons to celebrate in Chase’s Calendar of Events 2018: The Ultimate Go-to Guide for Special Days, Weeks and Months. The world’s datebook celebrates its sixtieth anniversary with the most recent edition.

From Paper to Party

Because every day of the year has multiple things you could choose to recognize, it might be best not to celebrate everything—just this once. Regardless of which funky holidays are your favorites, don’t miss World Smile Day. It is celebrated on the first Friday in October, which falls on October 6 this year. Perform a random act of kindness or giggle for no reason with your friends and family, because ultimately, isn’t happiness what celebrating is all about?


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