About Us

About Us

Because no celebration is ever too small, we present you with Partini. Our boutique event company specializes in express and custom party services for intimate celebrations in your home or small event venues. When is it a Partini? When your party has 30 or less guests but is worthy of all the splendor and fuss of a grand soirée.

From in home dinner parties to tiny weddings, office holiday parties, even wedding proposals and first dates, Partini's staff of event design and management professionals are here to help you navigate your to-do list as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

The Partini client is a busy person with a great sense of style who loves to entertain but doesn’t always have the time to plan or execute the perfect party.

Big or Small

If you need to go big on the small, Partini offers full service party and wedding planning services in our addition to our Partini Packages and Tiny Weddings. You can choose from our menu of packages or create your own from our ala carte menu of services.

If you need to add a little je ne sais quoi to your party, we will work with you to design and create the perfect touches to make your party truly stand out.

Full Service Provider

Our planners are available to help you source quality professionals to meet all of your special event needs. We have relationships with a fleet of quality caterers, photographers, specialty cake and sweets chefs in Los Angeles and are familiar with small to mid-sized venues for rent in the area.

We also have special relationships with large, upscale venues for your more extravagant affair.

Know more

  • We are your party planning partner, your dinner party doer, your fundraiser fairy, maid to your bride and your second pair of hands.
  • We can do it all or just the little bits and pieces that just won’t fit into your schedule.